My spiritual journey began more than 10 years ago and – besides my home country Germany – brought me to renown teachers in India, Australia, Bali, the jungles of Thailand, southern Europe and the Baltic States. In addition to Yoga, I immersed myself in the spiritual traditions of Tantra and Shamanism, as well as in psychotherapeutic practices focused on the conscious dealing and confrontation with feelings.

The moment you accept yourself completely without wanting to change anything, the biggest change will happen.

I was born and raised in Germany to a Polish family, although I consider myself a cosmopolite rather than belonging to one nationality. In my former life I worked in Advertising and Public Relations for various international corporations. Often feeling stressed, Yoga became my number one tool to ground and energize me. The deeper I evolved on my Yogic and spiritual path the more I wanted to give myself fully to my personal growth. In 2018 I gave up my corporate life, backpacked through India for several months and became a certified Yin, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

Yoga is healing no matter how flexible, fit or old you are.

For me Yoga is a guide and a mirror; a companion who confronts me with my physical and emotional challenges, who can be a trigger and a healer, a peace maker and source-connecter. I teach Yoga to share this deep and wise life philosophy and to convey that Yoga is healing no matter how flexible, fit or old you are. Each Ansana I see as a posture of prayer and meditation, whilst weaving the traditional Yogic philosophy together with Daoist principles.

I teach in English and German, give classes for groups and private sessions. In the Tegernsee valley and surroundings.